Testimonials :
I have been visiting Dr. Kaushik Gandhi’s clinic since last 10 years . Whenever I visit India from U.K. I’m very sensitive on who I choose as my Dentist as my case has been particularly complicated due to different dentists working on my teeth. And most have taken advantage of my situation and not done their right job. After meeting Dr. Kaushik Gandhi, I realised how good he is in what he does. Not only he made all my ongoing problems go away, but improved my general health and oral hygiene. Last year he performed a procedure on me, where all the other dentist in U.K. said it’s a gone case and I would have to live with it. When I came to him with this problem of mine,, he not only reassured me that it’s possible and will be done within the week. I was so very impressed with his confidence . he is the Best Dentist I have ever visited. So I would highly recommend him to people who need a good dentist and who have suffered like I have in the past by other dentist...!

Apurva Shah (U.K.)

One stop solution for all dental /oral problems. Very Understanding Team. Highly recommended very professional & thorough. My only regret is that I should have come earlier. Quality is always top notch.

Siddarth Shiva Sion

Care & Compassion , Cleanliness Competence – Dr Kaushik Gandhi

Tara Rao Shivsrushthi

It was good experience and never thought that entire process will be such painless & effortless.

Y. Kumar

It is always near to come here and get treated . The staff always treats me well and makes the environment comfortable. I appreciate the personal treatment by Dr Gandhi & the efficiency of all the procedure that take place here.

Siddhant Mehta

It has been a good experience so far. The process has been so painless & smooth really thankful to the team.

Supriya Kapoor (Mahim)

Good Experience Dr. Gandhi & his team did a great job and were very patient throughout the entire procedure.

Rhea Bhambhani

It was a good experience and I am satisfied with the work done always.

Aashis Nakhawa

It was a first time experience with Dr Gandhi but I must say it was agreat experience with him who worked patiently & with confidence . We thank the whole team for their superb work. Always smiling and takes you at the appointed time.

Mahesh Bhatia

I am a regular visitor here for the most part Dr. Gandhi has always treated me with lot of care & compassion. His services are unmatched. The staff is also very nice & friendly. I couldn’t ask for more in term of Dental Services. He is the Best.

Maitri Yadav (New Delhi)